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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Useful Guidelines for Natural Link Building

There are many ways to promote your website and to increase your presence in the web. As the Search Engine is the main source of your web traffic. While doing link building you have to keep in mind some points so that you will get good quality of link.

As our Main motive for getting links on other website is that search engine spiders -
  • Find your website.
  • Crawl your site more frequently.
  • Crawl your site more deeply.
As link building plays a very crucial role in seo. So backlines you acquire should have:
  1. Anchor Text: While doing link exchange, target your keywords but used varied anchor text.
  2. Relevancy : Links from related pages carry more weightege than high PR webpage.
  3. Location : Get links from different place of the page i.e. top of the page, inside the body text, navigation, footer etc.
  4. Gradually increase the links for the new website. Do not place hundred or thousand of links in the first day of promotion. Placing more links in first day, get the website this Google banned the website. As one quality of link is more useful than 100 of bad links.
  5. Page Rank : Get the links from different pr. Try to get links from high pr also.
  6. Neighborhood: Don't link with adult, pharmacy, and poker site.
  7. IP : Get links from different IP's
  8. Age of domain :Try to get the links from old website or domain. Getting links with both old and new domain is also good.
  9. Deep Link :Target your inner page also with home page.
  10. Age of Lin :Always try to get permanent link not temporary, as Google give more weightege to the age of your back links.
  11. Paid Link : Don’t go majority for paid links, as Google dislikes it.
  12. Avoid Bad Neighbor :Do not place your links on pages that contains bad neighbors.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogging - An overview

One of the ways to build one way quality content link for your website is the blog.
A blog is a web page consists of usually short, frequently latest and updated content that are arranged like a page. People use blog for various reason. Blog can contain different types of content and the purpose of the blog varies greatly. Blog content are like instant messages to the web.

Sometimes blogs are written to give vent to ones personal feelings; sometimes it is written by experts to give their views of certain topics so that others can read them and get benefited. As they are written from first hand experience, as they are informative and work as a good promotional tool.

It is because of this quality of blogs, SEOs, webmasters and online marketing experts can use them for getting quick and effective end-result.

Blogs are categories in varies types and each differs in the way content is written. Blog comprising of videos called “vlog”, comprising links called “linkblog”, comprising photos called “photoblog”, written by a mobile device called “moblog” and if a blog is mainly about politics, it can be called as “ political blog”.

There are many blog publishing services available online which are free for the user. Some of them are blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc

Steps to Create Blog

1) Select the blog publishing services. Assume you have selected

2) If you have your personal gmail id, login with the gmail id. or Create new by clicking "CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW.

3) Fill the form correctly and then click on the continue.

4) Fill the name of the blog. Place the Blog title and the url which you want to create

. Name and the title should be relevant to the content you will publish.

5) Check the availability of the blog name. when you find the blog url name then click on continue.

6) Select the template of the blog.

7) After selecting the template you can start posting the posts.

These are the elementary points to create a blog. A detail process of blog promotion and development will be explained in our next post.

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Useful Guidelines For Directory Submission

Getting one way links to the website or to improve your SERP, you need good quality incoming links from other website. Directory submission is the one of the best ways to build links.

In the initial phases of the website, when your website is new and not well promoted. To increase link popularity of website or to generate some incoming links in the initial days, Directory submission s the best way. As there are many online directories which are giving free links to build the link popularity and helps website to be in SERP.

If you are so attentive to the details about quality links, you can get some great quality one way links fro free from niche directories. This help in to increase pages rank of the website, along with visitors. As there are many online directories and all directories many not be good for your website. Just select the good and the relevant directories from other millions of directories.

There are few criteria for proper directory submission to get quality of links from quality and seo friendly online directories. Find below some common criteria to keep in mind while doing directory submission, as good directories do not include these pages:
  1. As most of the quality directories do not include site that are under construction. So first build the website completely before you go for directory submission.
  2. Do not submit orphan pages or gateway pages, as many good directories do not include these pages.
  3. Do not submit the link which contain the affiliate program or generate and sell leads to third party.
  4. Some directories not allow deep linking i.e. links to internal pages. Submit main url here.
  5. Submit your page under the most relevant category or the webmasters may decline your link.
  6. Your link may be decline if your site has duplicate content issues or duplicate site structure alone or if you site is mirror site.
  7. Most of the directories do not allow URLs that redirect to another website.
  8. Some directories do not allow sites that have broken links.Submit the link with relevant anchor text.
Good directories always look for quality and most of the time they are edited by real human beings, who knows all the black hat technique.

Proper directory submission is often a time consuming and hectic job for webmasters. By following above rules you will get good response and build huge one way links.

You can know more about Directory Submission visit : Make Way for Directory Submissions
Why Directory Submissions?
Free Website Directory List Part - I
Free Website Directory List Part - II
How to Choose a Directory for Submission?

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quality Links are difficult to find than Quantity Links

As per my previous post “Factors that give value to link - known as quality link”, I made a clear view of how you can differentiate quality links from the bulk of links. As quality links are helpful in adding value to your website and make a presence in search engine SERP.

Every webmaster knows that to be in top SERP, link building plays a very crucial role. So the webmaster’s are very eager on adding more links to their sites to increase their web presence. But what they usually forget is that making lots of links for the website is not enough. Links should have some quality so that search engine gives weightege and help the website to be in top. It’s a fact that one related and high quality link is equivalent to ten such non relevant quantity links.

There are many technique and criteria to build a quality link as discussed in my previous post “Factors that give value to link - known as quality link”. Getting quality links is time consuming but it helps the website to grow. While doing link exchange check the link in the quality parameter. You can’t find all factors satisfied in one link, but help to decide to select the good links from the rest. Making irrelevant link is easy but doest not helps you, but making a huge link list and Google can penalize your website.

It is suggested, that everyone who is wishing to work on the promotion and branding of the website must approach towards building quality links rather than its counterparts.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Factors that give value to link - known as quality link

In every article corresponding to the link building, you will always read about "quality of link", "build quality links" etc . There you cant find the meaning and explanation of quality of link. The main question here is: How do you determine which of many links in best? How you recognise the quality link?

It is very difficult to define quality links, as what looks good to me may or may not look good to other person. Here i am trying to put the main broad aspect or factors which i might look for considering the quality of links. They are :

  • Links from the related website : When i search for links i would prefer the links from the site or web pages which is similar to my website or web page.
  • Links From Trusted & authority site : As search engine (google, msn, etc) give more important to the links which comes from the trusted site like .edu and .gov, rather than a link from a normal website.
  • Inbound Links (one way) : Search engines give more value on a link that is not reciprocated.
  • Links that crawled frequently.
  • Links with relevant anchor text.
  • Links that can send direct traffic.
  • Links from Higher Page Rank.
  • Links which is placed in the page which containing content rather than links.
  • Link placed in the page where outbound links are less.
  • Age of the domain and the age of the links
  • Robots.txt excluded page
As all the mentioned criteria are not fulfilled while doing link exchange. But it will help you to decide good links from the bulk link. These are the points which i look while doing link exchange.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Tips to promote deep links

As deep links are very useful in our link building campaign, as already discussed about this in our previous post "Deep Linking – An Overview" , "Benefits of Deep Linking"

The ways of promoting internal pages are almost similar to the home page promotion, but there are some additional thing which are required to keep in mind :
  1. Directory Submission : Submit the internal links in directories that allow deep links. While submitting the link, concentrate on the keyword which you will used in anchor text. Submit in Relevant category.
  2. Article submission : You can promote internal links in Artilce submission. Add internal links in resource or author box.
  3. Blogs
  4. Link Building
  5. Forum Signature
  7. Social Bookmarketing
  8. Pay Per Click
  9. Google Adwords

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Steps to follow while doing link exchange

Link Exchange is the one of the important and popular process to increase the link popularity of the website. Getting good quality of link is very tough. There are many criteria to be understand and followed before agreeing for link exchange with the other website. They are:
  • Home page PR (pr should be equal or greater then your website)
  • Website should be relevant to your website
  • PR of the web page where our link will place should be equal to more than our resource page
  • Resource Page should have link from home page.
  • Resource page should not more than 2 clicks away from home page
  • Resource page contains relevant link related to your website or business.
  • Page should not contain more than 30 links.
  • Resource page where you link will be place should not contains adult, porker, health related links.
  • Resource page should be cached.
  • Cached Date of the resource page should be checked. (If page is not recently cached then don’t do linking with the website i.e. if the page is cached 2 to 3 month back from the current month).
  • Check the cached text of the resource page to know the content is crawled by search engine spider.
  • Check

Robot.txt :

Disallow: /
Disallow: /private_directory/
Disallow: /private_file.html
  • Check whether the site is running properly or banned by the search engine.
  • Check the resource page is it visible in search engine.
  • Website should not be a Directory, it should be giving some business or selling products.

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