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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quality Links are difficult to find than Quantity Links

As per my previous post “Factors that give value to link - known as quality link”, I made a clear view of how you can differentiate quality links from the bulk of links. As quality links are helpful in adding value to your website and make a presence in search engine SERP.

Every webmaster knows that to be in top SERP, link building plays a very crucial role. So the webmaster’s are very eager on adding more links to their sites to increase their web presence. But what they usually forget is that making lots of links for the website is not enough. Links should have some quality so that search engine gives weightege and help the website to be in top. It’s a fact that one related and high quality link is equivalent to ten such non relevant quantity links.

There are many technique and criteria to build a quality link as discussed in my previous post “Factors that give value to link - known as quality link”. Getting quality links is time consuming but it helps the website to grow. While doing link exchange check the link in the quality parameter. You can’t find all factors satisfied in one link, but help to decide to select the good links from the rest. Making irrelevant link is easy but doest not helps you, but making a huge link list and Google can penalize your website.

It is suggested, that everyone who is wishing to work on the promotion and branding of the website must approach towards building quality links rather than its counterparts.

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