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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Influential Link Building Factors

This one's straight from the horse's mouth! I recently came across an online report that listed down the most influential factors of a link building campaign, as stated by SEO professionals themselves. Thought of sharing it with my readers. Read through this list and weigh these factors on your own importance scale.

Positive Factors
Anchor text
Age of the link
Type of link (image or text)
Quantity of links
Reciprocal links
Location of link on the web page
Location of link in the source code

Negative Factors
Links in a Robots.txt excluded web pages
Links in penalised pages
Redirected links
JavaScript links
Paid links
Links on NoIndex page

Every webmaster or optimiser has a different take on all these factors. But, by and large, the negative points mentioned here impacts almost every site.

Search engines cannot penalise you if the 'wrong' kind of sites point a link to your web pages. However, you risk being blacklisted if it is the other way round. When you strategise the link building campaign for your business, be very careful of who you link to.

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