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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why do Web Businesses Buy Links?

Link buying is fast emerging as the latest optimisation trend for online businesses. However, most of the SEOs are confused about the benefits or repercussions of the same. Forums have been discussing this issue for quite some now, and I, on my part, would like to provide some inputs on the subject.

First of all, let us look into the reasons that propel web businesses to buy links. They believe it is the only realistic way of getting good, relevant links to your web pages. They are willing to risk their search engine credibility to get better rankings in quicker time. Getting approval for quality links can be a slow, tiresome process. A number of optimisers get a feeling of instant gratification by buying links.

Then, there are people who have lost all hope with regard to their site's optimisation prospects. Out of hopelessness, they opt for this paid service – buy links and stay put in the competition. Above all, links determine the PageRank (PR) of web pages. Therefore, the more quality links you have, the better will be the PR of your site.


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