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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to Write a Press Release that can bring in Links

As discussed in the previous post, Press Release submission can be an effective means of getting links back to your site. As a marketer, you should the basics of a PR so as to reach out to your target audiences. Press Releases can be of many types – news release, event release, product release, etc. However, most of them usually contain the same kind of features.

Some of the common elements of a PR are as follows:
Headline – A brief summary of the news item. It is meant to grab the readers' attention straightaway.

Dateline – Mentions the release date and name of the city where the news has originated.

Introduction – Based on the journalistic principle of five Ws and one H, the intro paragraph should answer the basic questions that readers might want to ask.

Body – Complete information on the news or event, including background and statistical data. It should comprise as many details as possible.

Boilerplate – This is the 'About Us' section, wherein you can give background info about the organisation or company releasing the news.

Close – It is just to indicate that the release is about to end. To be put before the media contact information, the close can be indicated by using universally-accepted signs like '###' or 'text ends', etc.

Media Contact Info – This will be the contact address, phone numbers or email ids of the person or organisation submitting the PR. This will help media persons in getting in touch with you if need be.

When you write a PR for your website, make sure incorporate the aforementioned elements. By doing so, you will be able to appeal your potential visitors. Also, the site wherein you submit the PR will give a link to your site, thus strengthening your link building campaign.

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