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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

'Give and Take' Links to Boost your Website's Ranking

Extremely effective when it comes to boosting a website's link popularity, reciprocal linking works on the simple concept of 'give and take'. This not only helps in bettering traffic inflow, but also establishes your site as a one that everyone wants to be linked to.

The biggest challenge is to find a site that will be willing to reciprocate your link. Webmasters can scan the web for sites that are best related to their business and pick the ones that can be beneficial in their link building campaign. This relevance can be in terms of either content or links.

More than anything else, the site should have a target audience that is almost same as yours. If it fails to arouse your interest, in all likelihood, it'll be a flop with your visitors too. Be judicious enough to pick 'similar' sites that will not end up competing with you. Find out about web pages that have reciprocal links with your competitors' sites and then try and get them into an arrangement with you too.

When you decide to write an email for reciprocal linking, make sure that the site or web page in question does not have too many outbound links. This will affect your page's credibility as well the PageRank (if you use Google). These simple tips can be quite rewarding for search engine optimisers seeking high rankings through link exchange.

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