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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Essential Link Building Tips for your Site's Optimisation

A sound link building campaign can do a world of good for your online business. However, it is imperative that you are well-informed about the basic concepts related to the same.

The following tips will help you get a clearer picture of how to go about enhancing your link popularity :

# PageRank – If you are catering mainly to Google, PageRank or PR is an essential feature to be taken into consideration. The higher the PR of pages linking to you, the more value your site will get from them.

# Relevance – When other sites give links to your site, it simply means they are 'voting' for you. Therefore, the relevance of such sites to your product/service, business or industry at large, is quite significant. Try and get links from pages that have content related to your website.

# Links on Linking Page – If you go by Google's PageRank algorithm, the value of each link is equal to the PR of that page divided by the total number of outgoing links on that page. Therefore, it is advisable to get links from pages that have less number of outgoing links. Do this little evaluation before hunting for pages with high PR, because if they have too many outgoing links, they'll be of practically no value.

# Dynamic Link Pages – Link pages that are generated dynamically take time in getting indexed by search engines. Such pages will actually not do any good to your site.

My experience tells me that it is better to stay away from framed sites or redirected links. Even if they will add up to the quantity of inbound links your site has, they can never actually help in the process of optimisation and better ranking of your web pages.


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