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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Benefits of Being Linked Up

In my last blog, I had talked about 'Link Popularity', a concept that helps determine the popularity of a website, as vouched for by other external web pages. However, why should we get into link building in the first place? What are the benefits we can derive out of the process of link exchange?

First and foremost, links get traffic. When websites point to your site, they automatically divert their visitors to you. This increases your traffic influx, and can also lead to a improvement in your sales revenues. If you target Google as your primary search engine, then links can help you get better PageRank or PR. This trademarked algorithm takes quality and quantity of incoming links into consideration when calculating the PR of a page.

Links can also help you get your web pages indexed faster on a search engine result page. Even if your pages are deeply nested in your site structure, they can be easily crawled if other websites point towards them. Lastly, links make crawling of dynamic web pages faster. Even though the content of such pages change frequently, their links can lead to faster indexing by search engine spiders.

In case you thought link building is just another SEO service, think again. Its benefits are far greater than what's 'visible' to the eye. Focus your search engine marketing campaign on this technique, and you will never regret your decision!

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