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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Linking and SE Ranking – The Unbreakable Bond

Link building is one of the most essential services of organic search engine optimisation. A formidable link exchange programme can rake in backlinks, targeted traffic and eventually, sales for web businesses. Your links are considered as 'votes' – the more, the better!

Links can be of two types – inward and outward. The former comprises web links that divert users from other sites to your site, and the latter means links that you put up on your website to send visitors to some other website.

When you get into online link exchange, it is imperative that you choose websites that have some relevancy to your business, products or services. It'll be great if the content on that site has keywords similar to your own site. In fact, getting links from irrelevant online entities can lead to supplementing or blacklisting of your site.

Through this blog, I intend to discuss various concepts related to link building and the benefits thereon. The next post will be an introduction to the concept of link popularity and the means of going about it. Watch this space!

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