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Friday, November 2, 2007

Link Exchange and its Types

The process of link building heavily depends on external websites and their interest in linking to you. Your campaign can be successful only if you cater to sites that are relevant to your business or industry at large.

When we talk of link exchange, we essentially discuss the following three types of it:

a) One-way link exchange - Web pages are submitted in article directories that, in turn, provide backlinks to your pages. Links can be picked up from free directories that are game for one-way linking.

b) Two-way link exchange – Two websites mutually agree to give a link to each other's web pages so as to divert traffic. These sites are usually related to the same product, business or industry. In fact, link exchange will be successful only if you link up with sites that get visitors that also comprise your potential customer base.

c) Three-way link exchange – Suppose you own two websites, wherein one is an established one, and the other is relatively new. You can get into link exchange with a third prominent website – in the process, your established site will link to this third-party site, and it will, in turn, link to your new site. Fairly newer web pages can gain links on prominent websites using this programme.

Most webmasters prefer getting into one-way link exchange, because it does not demand too much time or money. You can simply submit your pages online and get link back to your site. However, each website has its own optimisation requirements and you should choose the technique that best suits your business.

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