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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Use Social Networking to your Advantage

The idea of a 'global village' seems increasingly plausible in the present scenario, wherein more than half of the world's population is hooked to one common source of information and entertainment – the World Wide Web. It is but natural for concepts like social networking to have a terrific impact on the lives of web users.

Even the field of search engine optimisation has not been left unaffected by this so-called phenomenon. Optimisers are increasingly using online social networks as sources for link building. The following are some of the simplest ways of going about this task:
  1. Visit blogs that are relevant to your business, and leave comments on them. Try to contribute something substantial and sensible to it. It does not have to be in technical parlance – keep it straight and simple.
  2. Participate in forums related to your industry at large. Add your URL to your posts thereon, so that your link can be tracked back to your website.
  3. Submit your site's URL to other important social bookmarking websites and get your business promoted free of cost!
These easy tactics can help you get links back to your site, thus strengthening your site's prospects of getting crawled and indexed at a faster rate.


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