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Monday, November 12, 2007

Stay away from Mass Link Submissions

I guess all of us have come across online ads screaming, 'Get your links submitted to 500 websites in one go!' or, 'We will submit your links into free directories', etc. These services are quick and seemingly profitable – just fill up a form, get your site listed in numerous directories and generate link backs for your web pages.

Luring as they might be, such claims are just that... claims! Do not be fooled by the so-called effectiveness of such optimisation tactics. Search engines have become quite strict nowadays. They do not allow optimisers to manipulate their algorithms as per their whims and fancies.

Services like link building have also come under the scanner. Each and every incoming link of a web page is scrutinised before being taken under consideration for search engine indexing. Sites or free directories 'selling' links to bidders are being blacklisted left, right and centre. Links submitted thereon, therefore, go for a toss, standing absolutely no chance of being crawled by search engine spiders.

What does an optimiser do in such a situation? The best solution is to take one link at a time. It might be a taxing and time-consuming process, but, it is any day better than getting your site blacklisted on search engines. Also, vary the anchor text of your links as much as possible. Keeping one text for all your links will get search engines take close notice of your site's operations, and you definitely do not want to invite trouble!

You will be surprised to find that a number of websites that do not follow these tips have been doing well over a period of time. But then, there are exceptions in every domain. Long-term SEO success beckons those who stand by the rulebook and do not stray into negative zones to procure high rankings.

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