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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Make Way for Directory Submissions

Directory submission is, invariably, one of the most effective means of link building. Just place your URL in an online directory, and get a link back to your site. Not just a link, you also have the chance of driving targeted traffic to your website, thus bettering the prospects of your business. For new websites, this is actually the best way of establishing a link building campaign to generate traffic and also boost the optimisation process.

How to choose a directory for submission?
Conduct a search on directories for the keyword(s) that best describes your site. Enlist the first hundred or more directories on the basis of your requirements. It is imperative for you to find out if the directories chosen by you are banned or penalised on search engines. Because, submitting links on such directories will be nothing but a waste of time and resources at your end. One-way links from them will be of absolutely no use to your campaign.

Secondly, scrutinise the directory to find out if it is relevant to your business. Cater to as many free directories as possible, because search engines are becoming increasingly wary of link backs that are paid for. When you have listed down the directory names, try and find out few sites that also allow submission of internal web pages.

Then, decide on categories that best suit your site's requirements. Do not nest your pages too deep into a directory – they should not be more than two clicks away. Also, check the PageRank and outgoing links of such pages. Above all, if the page where you submit your URL is not cached, there is simply no point in getting a link back from it.

The subject of directory submission will be further touched upon in successive blogs.

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