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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Press Release Submission can help in Link Building

Having discussed directory submission in great detail, I would now like to talk about Press Release submission, another useful means of building links for your website. In lay terms, a Press Release, also known as News Release, is a written form of communication meant to announce something newsy through the news media.

In the world of search engine optimisation too, Press Releases (PR) can be of great help when it comes to relay of news. This news should ideally be related to your product/service, or business at large. For example, if your company has launched a new website, you can write a PR on the same and spread the word around.

The process is simple. Write a PR, and submit it to various online PR directories that actually accept such write-ups. By doing so, you not only relay info, but also get a link back to your site. This will strengthen your link building campaign as targeted traffic from these sites will be directed to your web pages.

More about Press Releases in the next post...

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