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Thursday, December 6, 2007

What is a Good Article Directory?

When we talk of article submission as a link building tool, it is very important to discuss web directories that allow submission of write-ups by optimisers. The online marketplace is strewn with directories – both paid and free – that offer this service. But, you need to choose the right ones in accordance with your requirements.

What is considered a good article directory?
  • One that moderates the submitted content. Even if you have edited an article at your end, it is the directory's job to check your write-ups for possible errors.
  • One that displays most recent articles on its homepage, categorised on the basis of topics.
  • One that displays articles with submission dates. This will help readers gauge the value of the articles chosen by them.
  • One that provides this service free of cost. There is no point in investing money in article submissions just for the sake of getting links back to your site.
  • One that gives URLs that are search-engine friendly. It helps in faster indexing of your articles.
When you decide to get into article submissions, judge directories on the basis of the aforementioned points. In my next post, I'll enlist some of the most popular article directories that can help you in strengthening your link building campaign.

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