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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Article Submission and Website Optimisation

Does article submission help in the optimisation of your website? The answer to this question can be both yes and no, depending on where your articles are posted. When you write an article and post it in article directories, make sure that you do not post the same write-up in your website. Once you submit something in a directory and the page gets cached by a search engine, it is considered to be the original source of the content.

If your website is crawled after the directory, and the search engine finds exactly the same content on your pages, it will consider it as duplicate. Therefore, it is always advisable to post content in your site first. Wait for your pages to get cached, and then submit the write-ups in directories. By doing so, you can ensure that your site's articles will be considered original.

Also, when you write articles for submission, pay attention to their titles and summary. The former should be appealing and should incorporate your main keyword. Whereas, the latter should be a gist of your article and should be able to lure readers on to going through the whole content.

When it comes to providing links in your article, you have two options – body of the write-up and resource section. Here, you should remember that one keyword should link to only one URL of your site. If you happen to target two keywords through an article, make sure that they link to different URLs.

These basic tips will help you formulate a well-targeted link building campaign for your site. Article submission can be extremely effective; but only when dealt with in the right manner.

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