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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Benefits of Deep Linking

Deep linking, as discussed in my previous post, is the process of linking to internal pages of a website and not the homepage. Although a few optimisers believe this activity should not be encouraged, the others think it can be quite advantageous for the prospects of a website.

First and foremost, deep links provide 'one click' navigation to web users. If a site directs users to the exact location of the item they searched for, they will take it to be a credible source. This is because they will have an effortless, hassle-free navigation through web pages. This navigational ease will, in all probability, increase the traffic inflow of your site – the ultimate aim of all marketing campaigns.

When it comes to optimisation benefits, deep linking can be quite useful, because they are natural links. Search engines always prefer sites that have a good mix of homepage and internal page links. They use smart techniques to identify unnatural or paid links. Therefore, if other sites deep link to your site, it'll foster the optimisation of your pages.

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