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Friday, December 21, 2007

What is Link Baiting?

Akin to fishing, Link Baiting is the process of baiting online visitors to place links on an element within a website. The bait can be in the form of content or any other exciting feature that can attract web users.

Based on the principle of viral marketing, this link building technique has become exceedingly popular in recent times. Not only can it increase the number of links pointing to a web page, but also ensure they come from relevant, good quality sources.

The best way to go about link baiting is by devising a small publicity campaign around the feature that you want to be linked. You can make use of blogs, forums, online communities, et al, to spread word about the piece. If users find your piece impelling, they will, automatically, link to it. This means, you get effective back links without actually going around requesting for the same!

Listed below are some of the easiest link baiting techniques:
  • Provide information that your users may find useful. You can also guide them on how to go about a certain task.
  • Spread news about latest developments in your industry. People like to keep themselves updated about the world, and will be drawn to your bait.
  • Offer something humorous or controversial. In both cases, you will be able to catch the attention of a visitor. However, when you write something controversial, make sure you have strong justifications for the same.
Try these baits and you will be able to attract the 'big fish' – web traffic!

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