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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Best Hooks for Link Baiting Success

I have briefly discussed link baiting hooks in my last post. This post is just a continuation of the same. Listed below are some of the issues that can generate tremendous interest amongst web users:


It is the most effective means of growing your online community. Let people know about the latest happenings of the world. If you deliver the right kind of news at the right time, users will trust you to be a credible source and will look forward to more information from your end.


Write stuff that contradicts something said by someone else in your field. If that person is popular, you will get publicity by saying something contrary to his/her opinion. However, it is imperative here that you have a very strong justification for whatever you write.


Launch an 'attack' on your competition. This will entice users to read your stuff. However, there is a risk associated with maligning someone. You have to have good enough reasons for doing something like this. Plus, there are chances that your readers start sympathising with your competitors. Be very careful when you apply this tactic.

Apart from these, you can use humour, fear, resourcefulness, etc. as the baits to attract targeted visitors to your web feature.


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