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Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogging - An overview

One of the ways to build one way quality content link for your website is the blog.
A blog is a web page consists of usually short, frequently latest and updated content that are arranged like a page. People use blog for various reason. Blog can contain different types of content and the purpose of the blog varies greatly. Blog content are like instant messages to the web.

Sometimes blogs are written to give vent to ones personal feelings; sometimes it is written by experts to give their views of certain topics so that others can read them and get benefited. As they are written from first hand experience, as they are informative and work as a good promotional tool.

It is because of this quality of blogs, SEOs, webmasters and online marketing experts can use them for getting quick and effective end-result.

Blogs are categories in varies types and each differs in the way content is written. Blog comprising of videos called “vlog”, comprising links called “linkblog”, comprising photos called “photoblog”, written by a mobile device called “moblog” and if a blog is mainly about politics, it can be called as “ political blog”.

There are many blog publishing services available online which are free for the user. Some of them are blogger, wordpress, typepad, etc

Steps to Create Blog

1) Select the blog publishing services. Assume you have selected

2) If you have your personal gmail id, login with the gmail id. or Create new by clicking "CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW.

3) Fill the form correctly and then click on the continue.

4) Fill the name of the blog. Place the Blog title and the url which you want to create

. Name and the title should be relevant to the content you will publish.

5) Check the availability of the blog name. when you find the blog url name then click on continue.

6) Select the template of the blog.

7) After selecting the template you can start posting the posts.

These are the elementary points to create a blog. A detail process of blog promotion and development will be explained in our next post.

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