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Monday, January 28, 2008

Useful Guidelines For Directory Submission

Getting one way links to the website or to improve your SERP, you need good quality incoming links from other website. Directory submission is the one of the best ways to build links.

In the initial phases of the website, when your website is new and not well promoted. To increase link popularity of website or to generate some incoming links in the initial days, Directory submission s the best way. As there are many online directories which are giving free links to build the link popularity and helps website to be in SERP.

If you are so attentive to the details about quality links, you can get some great quality one way links fro free from niche directories. This help in to increase pages rank of the website, along with visitors. As there are many online directories and all directories many not be good for your website. Just select the good and the relevant directories from other millions of directories.

There are few criteria for proper directory submission to get quality of links from quality and seo friendly online directories. Find below some common criteria to keep in mind while doing directory submission, as good directories do not include these pages:
  1. As most of the quality directories do not include site that are under construction. So first build the website completely before you go for directory submission.
  2. Do not submit orphan pages or gateway pages, as many good directories do not include these pages.
  3. Do not submit the link which contain the affiliate program or generate and sell leads to third party.
  4. Some directories not allow deep linking i.e. links to internal pages. Submit main url here.
  5. Submit your page under the most relevant category or the webmasters may decline your link.
  6. Your link may be decline if your site has duplicate content issues or duplicate site structure alone or if you site is mirror site.
  7. Most of the directories do not allow URLs that redirect to another website.
  8. Some directories do not allow sites that have broken links.Submit the link with relevant anchor text.
Good directories always look for quality and most of the time they are edited by real human beings, who knows all the black hat technique.

Proper directory submission is often a time consuming and hectic job for webmasters. By following above rules you will get good response and build huge one way links.

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