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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Useful Guidelines for Natural Link Building

There are many ways to promote your website and to increase your presence in the web. As the Search Engine is the main source of your web traffic. While doing link building you have to keep in mind some points so that you will get good quality of link.

As our Main motive for getting links on other website is that search engine spiders -
  • Find your website.
  • Crawl your site more frequently.
  • Crawl your site more deeply.
As link building plays a very crucial role in seo. So backlines you acquire should have:
  1. Anchor Text: While doing link exchange, target your keywords but used varied anchor text.
  2. Relevancy : Links from related pages carry more weightege than high PR webpage.
  3. Location : Get links from different place of the page i.e. top of the page, inside the body text, navigation, footer etc.
  4. Gradually increase the links for the new website. Do not place hundred or thousand of links in the first day of promotion. Placing more links in first day, get the website this Google banned the website. As one quality of link is more useful than 100 of bad links.
  5. Page Rank : Get the links from different pr. Try to get links from high pr also.
  6. Neighborhood: Don't link with adult, pharmacy, and poker site.
  7. IP : Get links from different IP's
  8. Age of domain :Try to get the links from old website or domain. Getting links with both old and new domain is also good.
  9. Deep Link :Target your inner page also with home page.
  10. Age of Lin :Always try to get permanent link not temporary, as Google give more weightege to the age of your back links.
  11. Paid Link : Don’t go majority for paid links, as Google dislikes it.
  12. Avoid Bad Neighbor :Do not place your links on pages that contains bad neighbors.

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Nice post! I like it..
Keep it up.

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