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Saturday, March 15, 2008

15 Tips of Blogging so that Bloggers Write About You: Part 1

Let me start with a question. Why do we write blogs and why do we not write articles to express our opinion? The answer may be because we want more readers to read it and rather we want more readers to respond to it too, and keep everything easily available, which is not so easy when it comes to print media.

We are writing blogs because we want more interactions and also keep a record of it which is viewable the instant someone wishes to see them.

This blog is all about how to bring in more people, get them interested and turn your blog into the talk of the town. My blog will be divided in three parts. In fact, this is a 15 point system divided into three parts of 5 points each.

Lo and Behold, here comes the first 5 :

  1. Try to be linkable: Yes, simply by putting your home video in it doesn’t make your blog linkable. If you want any interesting video to put in your blog then put it on the Internet somewhere first. The video may be that of your graduation party, a nice music piece or anything that you want. And yes it should be unobjectionable.
  2. Have a permanent front page: A permanent link is required and you should not change your front page frequently. Try to put up a separate and permanently linkable page for everything you want to get blogged.
  3. Do not overcrowd one page: Never keep 20 items on a single page but give a link and separate those items. Because in an overcrowded page a user may not find the referenced item.
  4. Always use real links: Don't have links with expiring session-keys. It can become unfruitful if someone revisits the URL later. Avoid the gobbledygook URLs, they stink.
  5. Avoid using resized popup generating JavaScript: Any page that resizes the user’s window, auto-plays sound or remodels the user's environment to suit your taste should be avoided.
So Long, I will be back shortly with 5 more gems from my treasure island.

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