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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 Tips on Building Links with Popular Websites

I have always stressed on the importance of link building. Paid links are an easier option if you are new to the internet business. Free links are hard to come by and if they are with popular services and web sites, they may be even harder to get.

But that should not be the cause of worry for you since there are a number of ways in which to get free links. I am going to share 5 great tips with all the webmasters who appreciate the value of links. I will be focusing on building links with popular services and web sites.

* Ask and answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and put links in related articles on your site. It is one of the easier ways of building links pointed to your site.

* You can submit your offers on Craiglist depending on the kind of website you have. It's a free place to promote your offers on internet!

* If you believe your website or blog is fairly reputable, you can easily mention it on Wikipedia.

* For a short time you can create a website which deals with topics that are dealt by Squidoo. You can create some link backs to your web site.

* You can also create Digg submission that links to your site article. Creating digg batches on your website is an effective way to link building.


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