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Thursday, February 7, 2008


In an earlier post, losing significance of paid links, I had talked about paid links losing their credibility and being on the downward spiral. However, buying text links can increase the web presence and in turn generate more traffic for the website in short time also also helpful in building link popularity.

From my point of view, you can go for paid links when your website is new. In case you are opting to buy links, there are few points to be remember, they are:
  • Purpose of buying links : The first thing to be kept in mind is to determine the motive or purpose of buying the links. If you are aiming at increased traffic and better results of search engines, choose the text links that are relevant and related to your web page.
  • One way links : The next thing is to make sure that the bought links are directed towards your own website only.
  • Opt for longer subscription : While buying text links, you should opt for longer subscription. The time-gap projected for search engines' picking up the link is generally very high. Therefore, weekly and monthly subscriptions may not always work.
  • Prior knowledge : Get prior information on the text links that you are planning to buy. Many links on the web are bogus ones. The site of the age also plays an important role as Google gives such sites more credibility.
  • Variations in anchor text :Buy variations in the anchor text. This will give you an advantage of covering broad categories on your site. It is a sensible strategy, especially when visitors desire different things.
  • Well visited site : Buy links from a well known and popular site which boosts of lot of visitors. There is no point of buying links from a site which doesn’t generate much traffic.
The fact of the matter is that sometimes the only way to compete in a cut throat market may be to buy links. I would suggest that you invest in buying links if you are new to the business. After you have established yourself, you can switch to free link sharing and link exchange. I believe that if these 6-things are kept in mind, you can buy links that may turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

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