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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tips For Successful link baiting

When it is time to hook some good sites for links, caution is advised. Webmasters are aware of the value that a link has. You are not going to get it that easy and it is more difficult once the potential link-givers know that you want a link. Therefore, if something has to be taken; some bait has to be used.

If the web is the pool or lake where you go link baiting, then networking is your angling rod. It is because of networking that we are connected to a large number of people. One amusing story or a comment that is put across such a network will spread like anything. But does it happen always? The simple answer is: No. It is because the bait itself has to be tempting enough to woo the audience and the website owners. There is no hard and fast rule to what can be used as bait or how it is to be spread. But there are some common practices and patterns observed by professionals everywhere. Here are some steps to help you in your link baiting campaign:
  • Make bait that can spread like a virus: Your bait can have such characteristics as being humorous, controversial, informative, novel, patronizing or anything that will grab the attention. The bait has to be made keeping into consideration the audience behavior.
  • Find the appropriate channel or community where it can be inserted: Think of various social media and community sites wherein you can put the bait. There are many portals that some people have been utilizing.
  • Your bait must be timely: Once you have prepared bait, its deployment must be timely. For instance an event is coming up and more people are supposed to be online or searching for something. Your bait in that case has to have some relevance with the event.

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