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Friday, February 1, 2008

Six things to look for in a good web directory

Web directory is a platform where a number of resource websites are enlisted. These online directories are specific and contain any one kind of websites. Website directories are very useful and help in the search engine promotion of the websites. A website that is listed in a good web directory is given a preference by the search engines. Therefore you can use these directories in enhancing your page rank and traffic on the website.

Don’t just run off and start doing it. Good things come to those who wait and watch more closely. The seven best features to look for, before you go hunting for an appropriate web directory are:

Relevancy: Search for a directory that has relevant websites. If you have a news website then you must go for a news directory only. I am sure you won’t like your website to be a misfit.

Popular Directories: Do not experiment with the directories and try only the popular ones. There are directories that contain all but trash. At the same time you have some popular directories in which many authoritative and quality websites are listed.

Unique Design and Presentation: The directory must not be like some copied version of any other popular version. There are directories that have very innovative and unique design and presentation. Go for them.

Go for old ones: Yes, go for the old ones that have been serving for many years.

Search Engine Ranking: The web directory must have a good page rank. A good page rank for the directory is considered important by the search engines.

Pages must be crawled by search engine spiders: The directories whose pages are not crawled by the spiders are of no use. Such directories have NOFOLLOW tags provided.

These are the features of good web directories and try looking for them and then only submit.

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