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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paid links and your stagnant business

In case you happen to have interest in Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, I have a got a few things to share with you. So, I will try to be as forthcoming as these few words would allow me.

Search engine optimizing means customizing the contents of your website in order to be visible in the search engine. There are various techniques that are employed and also several components that come under Search engine optimization and marketing. Website links that exist in the form of back links are one among the primary components that determine how good a site is. A very good website which has a good page rank in several search engines will have good number of back links.

Website links constituted one of the many external parameters on which the importance of the website was determined by the search engines. This very fact was exploited by the webmasters and they actually started buying links from other websites. A website having a better page rank normally does not give a back link to the one with lower rank. But when money comes in the picture it is all possible. So that is how we got the concept of paid links.

However the people responsible for giving us such prototypes as Google search engine itself must never be undermined. Over the years the search engines have modified their ranking parameter and paid links are losing again. So, the fair practice and the importance of good links is still maintained.

Other than paid links, there is one more thing called sponsored links. One must not confuse the paid links with that of sponsored links. The sponsored links are those who are bought from the search engines to display the advertisement or promotional message. The two are quite different. Now that you have an idea of links, paid links and website links, you can go ahead and search for more details.


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