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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The five commandments to promote your website

Search engine experts sometimes go blindly after projects and get derailed before reaching their final destination. There is little for a website owner given the tragic end that even experts face. But there are some areas on which you can work upon and hence lay a solid foundation for your online project. The five commandments, which every expert and publisher must keep in mind while making or promoting website, are:

Content is the King: Whatever appears on your website has a definite value. If your content is an average type, meaning that there are language and communication errors, few resources, unorganised presentation, there is little an optimising expert can do. On the contrary he may suggest you for a total reformation in the content. Spend some time as it is the business you are in.

Allocating the time: Everything happens in particular time frame. To tell you the truth there is no escaping, at least not in this case. Therefore, you must be able to devote your time everything right from the beginning of the project. You have to fragment the time frame to meet the requirements like stuffing of keywords, meta tags, submission of website, building links, doing promotion on social platforms, optimising the content, regular reviewing of performance, and more.

Tools and Techniques: You must be aware of all the tools and techniques that can help you in your promotion campaign. Just two or three search engine optimisation techniques won’t work. Also, the web is ever evolving and you have to keep an open eye as how to incorporate new techniques in your campaign. The list will include your organic optimisation, paid optimisation, advertising and exchange of links and banners, participating in forum discussions, article submissions, etc.

Monitoring: What happened on your website yesterday must be recorded, not remembered. It helps in an overall analysis of the website and in what way your techniques are helping.

Planning: Things work better when you have a plan. But make a plan based on the above descriptions. You sure will succeed.


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