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Friday, April 11, 2008

Tips on How to Check the Progress of Your Link Building Campaign

There are many tools that can be used to check the progress of a link building campaign. The most popular ones used by webmasters and SEO experts across the world are Google and Yahoo. Along with these two, there are other web sites also that provide tools to check the number of back links that a particular site has got. The process of checking this is quite simple. However, much as simple it is, yet many people do not use these tools properly or to the full potential of the tools.

A common mistake that people usually make is that they use only Google and Yahoo tools to check the progress of their back links. They go to Google or Yahoo! and type in “link:YourURLhere”. But by doing this, they don’t see all the results in either of the domains and remain under a false impression. The best way to check the progress of your link building campaigns is by not restricting to only Google and Yahoo! but also use other websites for checking back-links. However care must be taken that you use Google’s Webmaster Tools as well as Yahoo’s SiteExplorer tools as two of the different sites you use to check the performance of your link building campaign.

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