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Thursday, March 20, 2008

15 Tips of Blogging so that Bloggers Write About You: Part 2

Ok, now you know the first 5 secrets to have a blog that will stimulate people to express their opinion. What are the next 5? This is exactly what we will discuss over here - So, I was talking about certain tips about blogging.

Just to remind you, my first 5 points were…

  1. Try to be linkable.
  2. Have a permanent front page.
  3. Do not overcrowd one page.
  4. Always use real links.
  5. Avoid using resized popup generating JavaScript.
Read the 15 Tips of Blogging so that Bloggers Write About You: Part 1

So, guys. Here comes the next set. Hold your breath, sit tight and read onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………………………………..

Here’s presenting part 2 of my 15 point system of blogging!

  1. Avoid giant flash sites: If it is a blog site it should have internal links, e-mail space for writing comments and internal page links. Otherwise it would become invisible to a number of bloggers. Your blog should not be like a giant flash presentation.
  2. Avoid using PDF flies: This is really a hug turn-off if your blog site is made up of PDF files. It is really difficult to copy and paste from PDG pages. It kills the essence of a blog. It should be simple.
  3. Never and never use DRM: Digital rights management stops people from seeing your audio and video files. Then for what purpose is it there? Your blog should be easily reachable so make your audio and video down loadable.
  4. Never ashamed of using URL in blog: If any part of blog is worth attraction, like your images, then must stick your URL at the bottom of it and believe me everyone would like it and it is not a show-off.
  5. Loose restrictions on your website: Never write terms and conditions or linking policies in your blog. It restricts people who want to link to your Website. Any threatening text about linking to you is a big no no. Freedom of speech is the mark of a blog so be generous.
So, I believe that the above points would benefit you for making your blog worth comment. Next time I will conclude this subject with my next and last 5 points and till then keep writing.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

15 Tips of Blogging so that Bloggers Write About You: Part 1

Let me start with a question. Why do we write blogs and why do we not write articles to express our opinion? The answer may be because we want more readers to read it and rather we want more readers to respond to it too, and keep everything easily available, which is not so easy when it comes to print media.

We are writing blogs because we want more interactions and also keep a record of it which is viewable the instant someone wishes to see them.

This blog is all about how to bring in more people, get them interested and turn your blog into the talk of the town. My blog will be divided in three parts. In fact, this is a 15 point system divided into three parts of 5 points each.

Lo and Behold, here comes the first 5 :

  1. Try to be linkable: Yes, simply by putting your home video in it doesn’t make your blog linkable. If you want any interesting video to put in your blog then put it on the Internet somewhere first. The video may be that of your graduation party, a nice music piece or anything that you want. And yes it should be unobjectionable.
  2. Have a permanent front page: A permanent link is required and you should not change your front page frequently. Try to put up a separate and permanently linkable page for everything you want to get blogged.
  3. Do not overcrowd one page: Never keep 20 items on a single page but give a link and separate those items. Because in an overcrowded page a user may not find the referenced item.
  4. Always use real links: Don't have links with expiring session-keys. It can become unfruitful if someone revisits the URL later. Avoid the gobbledygook URLs, they stink.
  5. Avoid using resized popup generating JavaScript: Any page that resizes the user’s window, auto-plays sound or remodels the user's environment to suit your taste should be avoided.
So Long, I will be back shortly with 5 more gems from my treasure island.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Blog Promotion is Easy: Apply the Fifteen Point System: Part 2

In my Previous post Blog Promotion is Easy: Apply the Fifteen Point System: Part 1, I have discussed with you the 7 points of blog promotion. Now, I am presenting the next eight points.

  1. Time is money: Patience always pays. So be patient and give time to the readers. It takes time to build readership.
  2. Advertise: Advertising is good for brand promotion and at the same time blog promotion also. You can advertise your blog in the attempt to find new readers. You can advertise on a few sites using BlogAds.
  3. Make it infectious: Make your blog viral so that it can pass on from one person to another. For instance you can add links on your posts that allow readers to bookmark the post in social bookmarking sites like digg.
  4. Offline Techniques: Generally we ignore offline techniques which can be very helpful. You can put your URL on business cards, letterheads etc.
  5. Active participation in other web forums: Do visit other discussion forums that explore similar ideas and interests.
  6. Be yourself: Don’t copy content of other blogs, it never helps. Be yourself and have fun with new styles of writing.
  7. Promote your site on Portals, Blog Indexes, Directories and Search Engines: Never be satisfied with your content and never believe that somebody will find you. Always be ready for online promotions.
  8. Sign on your emails: Many bloggers do this and it works. Add the domain name to your outgoing email and this will be your email signature. Most email programs will allow you to do this automatically via a signature option.
So, these are the 15 points for blog promotion. Read it and apply it also and be a happy blogger.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blog Promotion is Easy: Apply the Fifteen Point System: Part 1

Your blogging purpose might be more than one. You might be blogging for money, for business, for networking, for fame or just for fun. Really, blog is a powerful tool for any of the mentioned purposes.
But the question is how your blog would experience more clicks and generate more traffic. There are certain points which should be taken care of while blogging. You can promote your blog in flowing ways.
  1. Content is king: Make sure you are writing fresh content, something which can raise the interest in a particular subject.
  2. Link to others: Getting the attention of other participants is necessary. You are advised to participate in the linking to other blogs. Also, while linking be selective and link to quality content that is relevant to your topic.
  3. Get links from other bloggers: Yes, I understand it is difficult but there are certain ways if you are gentle and polite enough.
  4. Start interacting with your readers: If a reader writes a comment for you or if he/she is emailed you, then do interact with them. And believe me it works!
  5. Updating is must: Frequent posting is required and search engines also like it.
  6. RSS feed promotion: You must promote your RSS feed. Put your RSS button in a more prominent position.
  7. Be participative: To get promoted, sometimes participate is other blogger’s projects also. If others invite your participation then do contribute in some way.

The above points are needed to be remembered and I will return with my next blog with the next eight big points for blog promotion part 2.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Use Blog and Get Online Customers who listen

Personal thoughts result in big business decisions. One concept of writing in the massive internet world is based on this statement. That particular piece of writing is known as a blog, which has derived from term web log.

Generally saying, a blog is a personal diary which can take any shape or size and there are no real rules of writing them. It can be a collection of links, a political thought, a breaking news outlet, some private thought about any subject or sometimes just an incident. There are many escribitionists all over the world. Now, who are these escribitionists? An escribitionist is a man or women who keeps a diary or journal by using electronic means and publishes their entries on the World Wide Web. We may also call them bloggers.

According to Google information, as of December 2007, a famous blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 112 million blogs. The number of bloggers or diarists is increasing day by day and they are becoming great sources of valuable information.

Nowadays, a blog is working as a strong Internet marketing tool. Any website can use this weapon for enhancing more traffic and for link building. A question may arise as why a website should use a blog for the sake of online marketing. Following may be the reasons…

First, a blog is a simple and cost-effective way to create a professional online presence, which is the first prerequisite for online marketing. Second, it can create a conversation between you and the people who matter to you, i.e., your prospective online customers. Third, it is a tremendous way to boost your search engine rankings. And fourth, it allows you to take control of what you publish in your website.

Furthermore, a blog is a valuable business tool for collecting customer feedback and it creates a historical record of your content also. So start using this tool and see the difference in the traffic generation.

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