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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The right way to enhance Business Sales

Link Building refers to a complete process of creation of inbound links to self-owned website, with a predefined aim to maximise sales and eventually profits. It is a common way to enhance the popularity level of a website besides bringing more business for it.

There are many organizations and individuals in the present day Iinternet world who with an aim to increase sales, start the process of link building. The result-oriented process then helps them to bring more and more traffic from relevant websites. It also helps in creation of website's credibility, awareness as well as visibility on the World Wide Web.

Link Building also helps the linked websites to get indexed by search engines such as Google and YAHOO to name a few. And, if the website has effective content with smart keywords, further refined by SEO techniques, the website is bound to appear in the top pages of these search engines, meaning more business for the organization.

As soon as two or more webmasters agree to share their links with each other on their respective websites, the attention of the prospective customers can be felt. This adds to more business sales and popularity of link(s) that eventually enhances the page rankings to considerable levels.

For example - A website owner dealing in cars can be approached by another website owner dealing in car accessories. Both these owners consent to place each other's links in their respective websites.

What will be the result? A prospective car buyer will have access to the car accessories' website when he pays a visit to the car dealer's website and vice-versa. This brings more business for both of these owners and as long as they bring business for each other, they will continue this process of link building. Thus, both are equal beneficiaries in their individual race for higher page rankings without hurting each other’s individual business as the businesses of these webmasters is complementary and not competitive.

So it can be rightly concluded that Link building can benefit all kinds of business if an effective link building strategy is planned and followed in an effective manner.

The five commandments to promote your website

Search engine experts sometimes go blindly after projects and get derailed before reaching their final destination. There is little for a website owner given the tragic end that even experts face. But there are some areas on which you can work upon and hence lay a solid foundation for your online project. The five commandments, which every expert and publisher must keep in mind while making or promoting website, are:

Content is the King: Whatever appears on your website has a definite value. If your content is an average type, meaning that there are language and communication errors, few resources, unorganised presentation, there is little an optimising expert can do. On the contrary he may suggest you for a total reformation in the content. Spend some time as it is the business you are in.

Allocating the time: Everything happens in particular time frame. To tell you the truth there is no escaping, at least not in this case. Therefore, you must be able to devote your time everything right from the beginning of the project. You have to fragment the time frame to meet the requirements like stuffing of keywords, meta tags, submission of website, building links, doing promotion on social platforms, optimising the content, regular reviewing of performance, and more.

Tools and Techniques: You must be aware of all the tools and techniques that can help you in your promotion campaign. Just two or three search engine optimisation techniques won’t work. Also, the web is ever evolving and you have to keep an open eye as how to incorporate new techniques in your campaign. The list will include your organic optimisation, paid optimisation, advertising and exchange of links and banners, participating in forum discussions, article submissions, etc.

Monitoring: What happened on your website yesterday must be recorded, not remembered. It helps in an overall analysis of the website and in what way your techniques are helping.

Planning: Things work better when you have a plan. But make a plan based on the above descriptions. You sure will succeed.

Ruling The Web With Google Rules: Page Ranks And Backlinks

Page Rank or PR is vital for everyone in the online business. It is one of the most essential aspects that are given high priority while designing the web sites. Google is known worldwide for its page rank algorithm. It uses a complex algorithm to scrutinize web pages. Based on the outcome, it decides the page ranks. The rule or formula of this algorithm is a well-kept secret.

However, what is known to everyone is that it takes into consideration the number of backlinks. Some websites get their backlinks by buying them for others and some through a link broker. Google does not appreciate this type of practice as it wants to give more importance to naturally stimulated page ranking and a fair one at that.

Views are divided on this issue as some agree wholeheartedly with it whereas there are others who think of this as an arrogant and manipulative move on Google’s part. Page Rank score is crucial, since it can designate one page as being more prestigious than others (and hence generate more traffic by figuring higher on Google's search results). You can say that Page Rank score and traffic are directly proportional to each other.

Reciprocal link does not impress Google's algorithm inasmuch as award of Page Rank is concerned, so it is (now) considered a big waste of time. Google appreciates one-way links when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

The main problem faced by most of the online marketers is how to find valuable and suitable links for their websites. There are 2 ways to go about it. They are

· Do it yourself

· Outsourcing

The do-it-yourself method is challenging and time consuming. It means taking the time to build and maintain good relationships with other websites (or webmasters). It will assist in increasing the organic page rank.

Outsourcing involves using an assortment of agencies that specialize in this technique. This allows you to get backlinks from a range of other web sites. However, when it comes to outsourcing your link building, it is best to be cautious.

Social networking, on the other hand is taking over the traditional techniques for acquiring one-way links to your website. It is however, in an experimental stage but showing considerable success and quickly improving the page rank.

The main factor that Google considers while ranking a page is the quality and number of backlinks. Online marketers should pay special attention to this fact especially in web design. If you play by the Google rules, there is every chance of your hitting high page ranking!

Quality Links are important. How can you get them?

To make a website popular in the internet and to enhance its web presence it is essential to promote it in the right method. As part of the online marketing and promotions technique, link exchange plays an essential role in promoting a website. It is easy to link with a number of websites that are easily available, but acquiring a quality link is a tough game which every webmaster wishes to crack.

Inbound links are essential in bringing any website to a higher rank in the search engines. To rank well in the search engines the website does not only require links from any website, but from sites that have an equivalent high page rank. These high ranking links are called quality links that carry a higher weightage than the numerous low graded pages that they are linked with.

The first criteria of any web page linking should be the relevancy factor. Acquiring links for un-related websites does not help the site in anyway apart from gather n-number of links. They do not add any value to the sites. Therefore, it is important to acquire links from related websites. Promotion campaigns carried out on authority sites carry a lot of value and add quality to your website.

Directory submissions and article postings too is a very effective and essential way of earning in-bound links to your website. The advantage of article posting and web directory submissions is that they are always one-way traffic that increases your web visibility to a much greater extent than any other technique.

Getting listed with other related business partners is also an effective method of acquiring quality in-bound links. Other places where you can post your website URL and address in order to achieve one-way inbound links are the Yellow pages and other such online directories and by posting promotional content in other sites that generally carry classified advertisements.

Though there are several methods in which we can promote our websites by acquiring quality links, the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind always is that the content or postings that are being added anywhere in the internet carry an essence of the website in concern. Meaning, they should be related and relevant.

Paid links and your stagnant business

In case you happen to have interest in Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, I have a got a few things to share with you. So, I will try to be as forthcoming as these few words would allow me.

Search engine optimizing means customizing the contents of your website in order to be visible in the search engine. There are various techniques that are employed and also several components that come under Search engine optimization and marketing. Website links that exist in the form of back links are one among the primary components that determine how good a site is. A very good website which has a good page rank in several search engines will have good number of back links.

Website links constituted one of the many external parameters on which the importance of the website was determined by the search engines. This very fact was exploited by the webmasters and they actually started buying links from other websites. A website having a better page rank normally does not give a back link to the one with lower rank. But when money comes in the picture it is all possible. So that is how we got the concept of paid links.

However the people responsible for giving us such prototypes as Google search engine itself must never be undermined. Over the years the search engines have modified their ranking parameter and paid links are losing again. So, the fair practice and the importance of good links is still maintained.

Other than paid links, there is one more thing called sponsored links. One must not confuse the paid links with that of sponsored links. The sponsored links are those who are bought from the search engines to display the advertisement or promotional message. The two are quite different. Now that you have an idea of links, paid links and website links, you can go ahead and search for more details.

5 Tips on Building Links with Popular Websites

I have always stressed on the importance of link building. Paid links are an easier option if you are new to the internet business. Free links are hard to come by and if they are with popular services and web sites, they may be even harder to get.

But that should not be the cause of worry for you since there are a number of ways in which to get free links. I am going to share 5 great tips with all the webmasters who appreciate the value of links. I will be focusing on building links with popular services and web sites.

* Ask and answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and put links in related articles on your site. It is one of the easier ways of building links pointed to your site.

* You can submit your offers on Craiglist depending on the kind of website you have. It's a free place to promote your offers on internet!

* If you believe your website or blog is fairly reputable, you can easily mention it on Wikipedia.

* For a short time you can create a website which deals with topics that are dealt by Squidoo. You can create some link backs to your web site.

* You can also create Digg submission that links to your site article. Creating digg batches on your website is an effective way to link building.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


In an earlier post, losing significance of paid links, I had talked about paid links losing their credibility and being on the downward spiral. However, buying text links can increase the web presence and in turn generate more traffic for the website in short time also also helpful in building link popularity.

From my point of view, you can go for paid links when your website is new. In case you are opting to buy links, there are few points to be remember, they are:
  • Purpose of buying links : The first thing to be kept in mind is to determine the motive or purpose of buying the links. If you are aiming at increased traffic and better results of search engines, choose the text links that are relevant and related to your web page.
  • One way links : The next thing is to make sure that the bought links are directed towards your own website only.
  • Opt for longer subscription : While buying text links, you should opt for longer subscription. The time-gap projected for search engines' picking up the link is generally very high. Therefore, weekly and monthly subscriptions may not always work.
  • Prior knowledge : Get prior information on the text links that you are planning to buy. Many links on the web are bogus ones. The site of the age also plays an important role as Google gives such sites more credibility.
  • Variations in anchor text :Buy variations in the anchor text. This will give you an advantage of covering broad categories on your site. It is a sensible strategy, especially when visitors desire different things.
  • Well visited site : Buy links from a well known and popular site which boosts of lot of visitors. There is no point of buying links from a site which doesn’t generate much traffic.
The fact of the matter is that sometimes the only way to compete in a cut throat market may be to buy links. I would suggest that you invest in buying links if you are new to the business. After you have established yourself, you can switch to free link sharing and link exchange. I believe that if these 6-things are kept in mind, you can buy links that may turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Losing significance of paid links

In the present day world of online marketing people want fast results and do not find it worth to go for natural optimisation techniques. To stand in the competition, and want quick result to stand their, people think for short method link paid optimization. Whether such a move helps can be debated.

From my point of you, if I am handling a business or website I would rather go for natural optimisation like to come with hundreds of keywords and on the first pages of the search engines. That would be an ideal situation, one we can only try to achieve. To reach to such a level or gain a very good search engine page rank, some website publishers often go crazy and about anything. No sooner did they realize that links were giving better results in terms of ranking, all of them started massive campaigns to get as many links as can be got. Sometimes buying, some times begging, the owners or promoters have just broken all limits.

We would start from a very basic question – Does paid link really help and if so to what extent? In the heydays of online promotions the masters of the web could see the impact of the number of back links on the page rank. Popular search engines including Google, provided more than simple analysis of the sites based on algorithms.

Links were and still are considered as important resources that any website is linked to. But when the habit of buying links became popular the search engines also redefined the priorities. All this has led to a verification of the kind of links a website is using. In case of links that are found as being bought rather than being shared or wishfully granted, the search engines are not much convinced. With the result the importance or significance of paid links has been observing a decline.

The best practice is not the buying of a website link but earning one. For that your own product must be outstanding in quality as well as the practices you are engaged must be genuine. Google knows it, in fact it knows everything.

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Tips For Successful link baiting

When it is time to hook some good sites for links, caution is advised. Webmasters are aware of the value that a link has. You are not going to get it that easy and it is more difficult once the potential link-givers know that you want a link. Therefore, if something has to be taken; some bait has to be used.

If the web is the pool or lake where you go link baiting, then networking is your angling rod. It is because of networking that we are connected to a large number of people. One amusing story or a comment that is put across such a network will spread like anything. But does it happen always? The simple answer is: No. It is because the bait itself has to be tempting enough to woo the audience and the website owners. There is no hard and fast rule to what can be used as bait or how it is to be spread. But there are some common practices and patterns observed by professionals everywhere. Here are some steps to help you in your link baiting campaign:
  • Make bait that can spread like a virus: Your bait can have such characteristics as being humorous, controversial, informative, novel, patronizing or anything that will grab the attention. The bait has to be made keeping into consideration the audience behavior.
  • Find the appropriate channel or community where it can be inserted: Think of various social media and community sites wherein you can put the bait. There are many portals that some people have been utilizing.
  • Your bait must be timely: Once you have prepared bait, its deployment must be timely. For instance an event is coming up and more people are supposed to be online or searching for something. Your bait in that case has to have some relevance with the event.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Six things to look for in a good web directory

Web directory is a platform where a number of resource websites are enlisted. These online directories are specific and contain any one kind of websites. Website directories are very useful and help in the search engine promotion of the websites. A website that is listed in a good web directory is given a preference by the search engines. Therefore you can use these directories in enhancing your page rank and traffic on the website.

Don’t just run off and start doing it. Good things come to those who wait and watch more closely. The seven best features to look for, before you go hunting for an appropriate web directory are:

Relevancy: Search for a directory that has relevant websites. If you have a news website then you must go for a news directory only. I am sure you won’t like your website to be a misfit.

Popular Directories: Do not experiment with the directories and try only the popular ones. There are directories that contain all but trash. At the same time you have some popular directories in which many authoritative and quality websites are listed.

Unique Design and Presentation: The directory must not be like some copied version of any other popular version. There are directories that have very innovative and unique design and presentation. Go for them.

Go for old ones: Yes, go for the old ones that have been serving for many years.

Search Engine Ranking: The web directory must have a good page rank. A good page rank for the directory is considered important by the search engines.

Pages must be crawled by search engine spiders: The directories whose pages are not crawled by the spiders are of no use. Such directories have NOFOLLOW tags provided.

These are the features of good web directories and try looking for them and then only submit.

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